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Full Service from Planning to Building to Move In.

For our builders and developers, we provide opportunities and support every day.

SG RESIDENTIAL Container Based Structures is the first container supplier to receive an ESR from the ICC

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Who Uses SG RESIDENTIAL and Why?


Savvy developers and architects bring SG RESIDENTIAL into the planning of their projects early. We're able to find unique ways to increase value and save money.


Developments of every size can benefit using SG Blocks. Developers and architects can engage us to increase speed of delivery, as well as find unique cost saving advantages throughout their project.


  • Increase speed to market

  • Reduced finance interest

  • LEED certifiable

  • Increased rental income based on delivery speed

  • "Green" solutions are more marketable to the public

  • Reduced planning and engineering costs

  • Reduced construction costs

  • Greener and more sustainable construction

  • Increased quality of building


Strong. Fast. Green.

Build better, stronger, faster and greener with SG Blocks. We help builders save time, money and more.


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SG Blocks gives builders of every size a competitive advantage on every project. Not only can you offer your clients a greener and more sustainable solution, but you can dramatically reduce time and cost which gives you more opportunity to grow your business.


  • LEED certifiable
  • Reduced site disruption
  • Shorter building duration
  • Increased quality control (most work completed in controlled factory environment)
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Reduced planning and engineering costs
  • Greener and more sustainable construction

NOT Just a Trend.
Container Homes Get the Exposure and Coverage They Deserve

As reported by John Schiumo

CBS News New York

See builders in action assembling a Bareburger location.

SG Blocks profiled and featured by Kathy Ireland 

This is not just a home building trend in the US....

How We Work with Builders and Developers.

It all starts with a plan. We can work with you to help develop that plan, then use our proprietary building methods to deliver exactly what you need.

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Developers & Builders,

Let's discuss our benefits in material strength, flexibility and the increasing customer demand. 

Container- based building structures have a number of advantages to you and are increasingly preferred by your future homeowners. Contact us and we will share more.

Thanks! Message sent.

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